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NEW: This new batch of the Kayfun Lite [plus] will come with a new driptip and a slightly changed engraving on the bottom. Also the part of the topcap, where the driptip fits in, has been slightly redesigned and the part that holds the O-Ring in the topcap, has been improved.

The Kayfun Lite plus is a rebuildable tank atomizer made from food grade stainless steel and is based on the same depression system as the Kayfun 3.1; the internals are identical. It is meant to be wicked with resistance wire and silica string, which allows an individual setup and vape experience. Using different tank sections and additional accessory like the m-tank and the extension tubes the modular composition of the Kayfun Lite plus provides a multitude of setup possibilities including longmode. In contrary to the Kayfun 3.1 it does not have a collectors tank and it 8,5mm shorter, than its bigger brother, which makes it to a handy companion on the go.

Technical features

  • Tank sections compatible to Kayfun V3, Kayfun V 3.1
  • air draw control
  • Extension to longmode possible (accessory needed)
  • The atomizer is completely demountable for easy cleaning or repairing. Every connection is either screwed together or plugged.

Technical data

  • Tank atomizer
  • Diameter stainless steel tank: 22 mm
  • diameter M-tank (accessory): 23 mm
  • length (without driptip and 510 connector): 51,5mm
    • longmode: 72,5mm
  • material: 304 stainless steel, Polycarbonate
  • fill volume: 4,5 ml
    • longmode: 10 ml (accessory needed)
  • connector type: 510

Surface: brushed

Scope of delivery

  • 1 x atomizer base
  • 1 x evaporation chamber (2 pieces)
  • 1 x composite tank (3 pieces)
  • 1 x polycarbonate window (additional middle section of the composite tank)
  • 1 x top cap for 510 mouthpieces
  • 1 x  driptip 510
  • 4 x  spare O-ring (big)
  • 2 x  spare O-ring (small)
  • 2 x spare screws M1,6 (for mounting the wick)
  • 2 x refilling screw M2,5
  • 1 x allen screw (for air control)


Product Note Price
Kayfun Standard Tank Clear Kayfun Standard Tank Clear
4.99 € *
Kayfun Standard Tank Yellow Kayfun Standard Tank Yellow
5.99 € *
Kayfun Standard Tank Red Kayfun Standard Tank Red
5.99 € *
Kayfun Standard Tank Orange Kayfun Standard Tank Orange
5.99 € *
Kayfun Standard Tank Blue Kayfun Standard Tank Blue
5.99 € *
Kayfun Standard Tank Green Kayfun Standard Tank Green
5.99 € *
Kayfun Standard Tank Black Kayfun Standard Tank Black
5.99 € *
Kayfun M-Tank Short (D23 X L24) Kayfun M-Tank Short (D23 X L24)
14.99 € *
Kayfun M-Tank (D23 X L34) Kayfun M-Tank (D23 X L34)
14.99 € *
Kayfun Lite Plus Drip Tip Kayfun Lite Plus Drip Tip
5.99 € *
Kayfun Lite Plus Spare Kit Kayfun Lite Plus Spare Kit
3.00 € *
Kayfun Lite Plus Insulators Kit Kayfun Lite Plus Insulators Kit
8.00 € *
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